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Cosmetology Cross-Over to Barber - Hinton Barber and Beauty College

Program Level: Undergraduate certificate
Program Length: 10 weeks
Tuition and fees: $4,524
Books and supplies: $1,614

This 400-hour course is designed for the applicant who has completed the California 1600 clock hour Cosmetology Course and/or holds a California Cosmetology license. This course includes 40 hours of theory instruction and 320 hours of practical training. The instructor, depending on the students needs, will assign an additional 40 hours of theory instruction. The subjects covered include: Haircutting, Shaving, Sanitation and Hygiene, Massaging, Shampooing, Facials, Shop Management, Laws and Regulations, Hair Coloring, Hair Relaxing, Hairpieces, Hair Waving and Hair Styling. This course must be completed in four (4) months. This course prepares a licensed Cosmetologist to provide the services of a Barber in the State of California.

Cross Over Cosmetology to Barber